John Buddha - Frightened Beasts (6th Scene)

Frightened beasts hid on the trees

Text: M. Tomić

Copyright by Damir Steinfl.


Cvrle – Doormouse From The Joakim Pilat's Staircase

Cvrle – Doormouse from the Joakim Pilat's staircase
Cvrle in episode: Cvrle has his own comic.  Everything on the first hand!

Cvrle: Hoorah!  I don't know how to express myself.  Thoughts stream through my head like in the tube with patty.  Do you know?  No?  So, now you know.
Cvrle (continues): Frr, frrr.  There's no problem!
Cvrle (continues): Supu!  Instant, super!  I originated by accident on the high quality paper upon which pencil smoothly slides.
Cvrle (continues): I have finally attain it.  Everything is crystal clear.  Life is simply unconcerned while other think for me.  Underneath with drama!!!
Cvrle (continues): Down with drama!  Let the life be delightful!

Rat: Wood escapism or undefined, subjective and in general, ha?

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(Literaly translated)

Za Vas!  Srdačan pozdrav sa stubišta Joakima Pilata!

Copyright by Damir Steinfl.


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