Introducing Cvrle – Your Best Friend!

Cvrle in episode: Cvrle has his own comic.  Everything on the first hand!
Cvrle: Hoorah!  I don't know how to express myself.  Thoughts stream through my head like in the tube with patty.
Cvrle (continues): Supu!  Instant, super!  I originated by accident on the worst paper on which pencil barely slides.
(Pointing at flower): Relay race of stupidity.
Cvrle (continues): I have finally acheived that!  Nothing has any sense anymore.  Anything  comes to the same thing  and i don't care for everything.  This paper is shit…
…and i don't care!

Nacrtano sinoć kao odmor od papirologije.

Copyright by Damir Steinfl.


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